From a financial perspective, the Cannon Valley Senior Center's modest budget leverages impressive outcomes. Through CVSC, over 200 senior volunteers annually contribute more than 9,000 hours of service to our area community.

Senior Center volunteers are active. They offer respite care, tutoring to children, provide rides, deliver meals, set up educational programs, arrange health information programs, coordinate community events, and the list goes on. Our seniors are involved, engaged and actively contributing to the quality of life we all enjoy in Cannon Falls and the greater Cannon Valley area. While we are absolutely blessed with strong volunteers and support for our programs, we continue to be financially vulnerable.

The Cannon Valley Senior Center continues to be fiscally responsible, and resourceful. One hundred percent of our entire budget comes directly from our community. Because we are local, your tax deductible dollars stay in our community! The Senior Center survives because of the generous donations from the Cannon Valley area. When there is someone you wish to memorialize or you would like to honor, CVSC invites your consideration of our organization and our ongoing mission as the designated recipient. Business support is vitally important, and we thank all area businesses for their donations. Many churches graciously support the Cannon Valley Senior Center. In general, we seek supportive funding from businesses, organizations, professionals, churches and individuals.

We also appreciate the partnership we have with Family Fare in Cannon Falls. Here at the Senior Center, we collect receipts from Family Fare and when we reach our goal, Family Fare graciously donates $1000 to CVSC. If you have receipts from Family Fare, please consider dropping them off at our office, located at 120 West State Street in Cannon Falls.

We thank you for your support and humbly request that you consider investing in the the Cannon Valley Senior Center. It is an investment grounded in visioning, nurturing, and sustaining a vital and healthy place to live and retire. Donations can be mailed to:

Cannon Valley Senior Center
120 West State Street
Cannon Falls, MN 55009